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Functions & Facilities
No. Function & facility No. Function & facility
1 Electric shock 15 Operates at least any two line wire
2 Short circuit 16 Operates at any 1ø  line respect to guard
3 Over voltage respect to neutral 17 Tripping time interval siren
4 Over load 18 Heavy duty design without competitors
5 Power wastage 19 100amps terminal connector block
6 Neutral return 20 Line & load interchange protection
7 Two phase 21 Bye pass audio video indicator
8 Single phase prevention 22 Degree of protection - ip20
9 Phase interchanging prevention 23 I2t = class 3
10 Self testing 24 Wide operating voltage
11 On-off knob guard 25 Corrosion & shock proof cabinet
12 Built in or external tripping lamp 26 Variable IDn Setting With Color Bar Code
13 Without bye pass for better safety 27 Multiple IDn Setting With Color Code Indicator
14 Bypass for emergency    
Very often, we comes across the news of lethal electric shock suffered by human beings and the damages happened to human life and property while operating electric appliances like electric heater, immersion heater, geyser, juicer, refrigerator, grinder, washing machine, water pump etc. in residences on single phase and machineries of industries on three phase power. Do you think that it may not happen to you?. No, absolutely it will not happen to you, if you have a ROBOT on your circuit. ROBOT will cut main supply automatically in 30th fraction of a second, when you feel a nominal current with load side wiring and save your precious life & valuable appliances.
Due to overload or short circuit, the chance for outbreak of fire is more. This may cause damages to your valuable instruments and wiring. If you have a ROBOT installed circuit, it will ensure the security of your instruments in such situation by cutting the main power supply. ROBOT should be installed in such a manner that the ampere capacity of ROBOT should be match with the connection, thickness of conductor and current flow of the circuit and overload.
Sometimes in our society the voltage may drastically increase to 440 V by this sudden increase of voltage electric bulbs, tube lights etc. will blast off and computer, TV, VCR etc. will burn off. To save such valuables, there is one solution i.e., ROBOT . ROBOT will provide safeguard to the electrical and electronic instruments by shutting down the power supply in 10th fraction of a second in such situation.
Due to the fault of earth leakage, slight current may feel in wall, doors and water taps. This is not only dangerous to your life but also you have to pay extra sum of electricity bill for that power which was never being used. If you have a ROBOT on your circuit, it will detect the leakage while switching 'ON' the equipment, if such leakage occurs from any earthed electric equipments instead of wire, in such case, when the appliances is switched 'ON', the ROBOT will trip. So that your precious electric appliances will be saved and it will enable you to do the repair and can prevent further loss.
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