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Our Product ELR + MCB can be fitted at anywhere in single phase, three phase + neutral (four wire) to get protection from Electric Shock, Over Load, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Earth Fault, Electric Power Wastage, Neutral Return, Two Phasing In Single Phase Line , Single Phasing In Three Phase Line, Phase Interchanging in Three Phase Line. After installing SHOCKGUARD, the load side electric power which flows out from SHOCKGUARD is protected by the system. SHOCKGUARD is always fitted next to energy meter and main switch and before distribution board in good ventilation. SHOCKGUARD can be installed in residential buildings, banks, hotels, hospitals, laboratories, offices, service station, factories where electric power is used. SHOCKGUARD can be installed in wiring made in different sections, or on special machine. Company advise to test the Product frequently in schedule and to avoid Bye Pass mode because of, In case of emergency mode, SHOCKGUARD will be stop all protections except than MCB functions only.
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